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Water Heater Repair

When it comes time for water heater repair in Northern Virginia, you can count on The Irish Plumber, Inc. to diagnose and simplify the problem. With more than 7 years of experience serving the Alexandria and Northern Virginia areas, our humble family-owned and operated company has quickly become a trusted name in the industry.


We’re dedicated to making sure repairs are completed quickly and inexpensively, meeting our high standards of excellence, which is why we’re one of the only companies around to offer a written warranty on all the work we perform. An approved member of the Better Business Bureau, The Irish Plumber, Inc. holds a master plumber’s license and is thoroughly licensed and insured. Plumbing repairs are rarely simple and often have the potential to develop into major problems if left untreated, so don’t delay. Call us today and get on the road to a safer, more secure home.

A home’s water heater is among its most important elements; it allows you to take hot showers, wash dishes, and make sure you have clean clothes ready for work in the morning. Yet a water heater that’s improperly installed or maintained can cause a whole host of problems for homeowners, resulting in expensive damage and repairs not only to the unit, but to other parts of your home.


This is why it’s essential to choose a skilled contractor at the beginning of the process, saving you valuable time and money down the road. At The Irish Plumber, Inc., our expert technicians will schedule an appointment and fix the problem quickly, advising you of all your available options, and which may yield the best overall results for you.  

When you’re faced with a challenging water heater repair in Northern Virginia, don’t waste time searching for the solution. One call to The Irish Plumber, Inc. will have licensed professionals working to diagnose and repair the problem, as well as audit your home and advise you of any problems you’re likely to encounter in the near future.


We know that both time and money are often in short supply, so we do our best to save you a bit of both. Call today for all your plumbing repair needs, and see why we’re your home’s most trusted ally.

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